3D Modeling

Design your space using specialized modeling tools and optimization technologies.

How is it possible?

We are developing using WebGL & WebVR technology.

So, What are we making?

We are making your real space to a visual 3D simulation.

How to use?

You can control it using finger-touch in mobile, mouse in PC and WebVR.

More details for our features

3D Animation

Camera moving, Object moving, more technically Keyframe, Skinning, etc


Finger touch in mobile, mouse control in PC, WebVR control, The first/third person

Dynamic Change

You can change shape, color, material, etc of selected part(wall, object, window, anything is possible) dynamically.

Beautiful UI

Flowing water, Moving clouds, Curtain-wall glass, Stained brick, Twinkling light, Burning flame, Bouncing ball, ...

Customer's data-binding

You can show your data as 3D of database, data-store dynamically.

Frequently Asked Questions
All you need is just web-browser on PC, laptop, tablet, phone and so on without any plugin or installation.
For WebVR, you can check out supported devices at https://webvr.info
From the interior of a small house to a large shopping mall, and can be implemented both inside and outside of the building and in the landscape.
Photos of buildings, design drawings, 3D model files, anything.
From "Contact form" below or email - hello@labgl.net, let us know the building information you want to implement and the necessary functions.
Contact us from below Form or Email